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No time to read?
Find the printed version a bit confusing?
Or just ready to ditch drive-time radio for something that can improve — and even transform — your life?

The Science of Getting Rich Network Exclusive Audiobook on Two CDs

Here's the solution! Stay focused, guard your thoughts, and follow Mr. Wattles' advice to review the principles daily with the help of this two-hour set (two CDs) — the complete book read by and with a new introduction by Rebecca Fine, founder of The Science of Getting Rich Network.

Many readers say they find the audio version easier to understand, too.

Get the complete book — two CDs (approximately two hours, ten minutes running time). We're happy to ship virtually anywhere!*

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  • Sorry. Sold Out!

*As of 6 April 2011 we are unable to ship to Ghana, Nigeria, Kazakstan, and Kyrgystan, but we can still send audiobooks almost everywhere else!


"Give everyone more in use value than you take from him in cash value. Then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction."

—Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich, Chapter 6


"This has to be the BEST!"

—Chaman Lal, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK

"The tapes are great. I can listen to them even while I am working on the computer. They're better than music." ;o)

—Sharon Smith

"I ordered the audio and play it every day during my travelling in my car. As many have commented you do an excellent job on the tapes."

—Vince Mullowney, London, England

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