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From Stuart Lichtman ...

Recently we surveyed owners of How to Get Lots of Money for Anything — Fast! to find out how the program is working for them.

The response? Let's just say I was astounded. It was that overwhelming!

These responses turned out to be the final piece of proof I needed. It's now clear to me that people can learn the success methods as effectively in ebook format as they did when I used to give live seminars.

It's also gratifying to hear that once again, people from many different walks of life are succeeding with this material. What kind of successes are they having? I could show you a sheaf of reports from the field, but here are my favorites:

Salesman beats his best December by 40%

A salesman writes ...

"I decided on a target of having my biggest commission in December, ever.

"My income for the month was about 40% more than my previous December. And December is usually a good month for me, to begin with.

"But the fact that I reached the goal is not the thing. What was different was that it was completely effortless.

"Besides that, I've never had such a profound certainty about the outcome of something that was so important to me. I really wanted this when I started, yet I attained a sense of complete detachment.

"This is really cool. And, I've learned that money isn't that big a deal — it's NOT that hard!"

—Robert Michon

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Executive turns looming unemployment into TWO top job offers!

An executive facing an uncertain future tells his story ...

"I have been involved in sales and sales management with a large UK blue chip insurance company for the best part of 15 years.

"I am, by nature, what I would call a very positive person. However, just before Christmas last, I was told that all the management structure was about to change, and that all our jobs were all technically over.

"At the age of 48 with a lot of young blood in the division, it looked like my days were numbered.

"So what do I do now?

"Then I came across your email. I was always a bit cynical about these type of things but realised this was not a get-rich-quick scheme, but that it DID put you in charge of your destiny.

"I paid my money and got my download, and it was great reading. A lot of the things were what I already knew, but it focussed me in ways that I never experienced before.

"Needless to say, I followed it to the letter.

"I sent a letter to my director highlighting my skills and experiences that I knew were required for the jobs that would be left. The major plus of the changes were an increased salary and bonus of £25K above my present income. The job was obviously demanding.

"Three days before we were due to be told our future in our company, I got a phone call from the Chief Executive of our major account, offering me a job working for him in a top role.

"As you can probably guess, I got the the job offer from my company. The rest of my colleagues were not so fortunate, the whole team was made redundant at the end of 2002.

"I have decided at the moment to stay with the company, at least for the next few months. This is because I see my future getting better every day, because that's the power of Cybernetic Transposition.

"From no job to a far better one and two offers of alternatives, it is the best investment I can remember.

"Thank you, Stuart."

—Lindsay Hugh Doyle

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Woman achieves peace of mind "I have only dreamed of"

"I have now been working with your ideas for a couple of months, now. I think they are INCREDIBLE MAGIC.

"My top goals really don't have much to do with money, and the title didn't really appeal to me, but I am nonetheless extremely grateful that your ideas (so far!) have helped me to create the kind of harmony in my daily life I have only dreamed of.

"My days are more peaceful, they flow better, I get more things done without fighting with myself. I'm happier.

"THANK YOU. I would recommend your material without hesitation. I think you have shared a very profound gift."

— Beverly D. Chiu

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Three months, no sale. Then ... three days, sold at full price!

"I'm starting really slowly at this. But I was so keen the first week I read your book that I thought I'd try it out on selling my car.

"We had a 18 month old LandRover Discovery car — a luxury car in the UK. It had been on the market for 3 months. We'd spent over £300 advertising it. We had not had one single phone call. We decided to stop advertising.

"I did the CT exercise, coming up with a few blockages that I sorted out. I immediately got a phone call, but the caller was not willing to pay the asking price. So I repeated the exercise, writing it out fully one hundred times.

"I had put a time limit on it, 'by this Sunday...' On that very day, I came home from work in the evening to see a sign in the car window 'Sold.' Somebody phoned that day, came to see the car, put a deposit down there and then. We sold the car for the asking price just 3 days after the written CT exercise.

"Thank you."

—Shirley Hiscock

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Web entrepreneur to exceed income goal by 50-70%

"I wanted to let you know that, using your Basic Achievement Process, I've already surpassed the income target I set for myself for this month and it looks like I'm actually going to FLY right past it — probably about 50-70% more than I'd targetted. And if you were to ask me right now if that FEELS like success, I'd be just like the kid who just learned to ride a bike. Wow! Woo!"

—Rebecca Fine

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Well. Aren't those GREAT stories? I know I'M inspired just by reading them!

All the best,

Stuart Lichtman

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