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Affirmations aren't some kind of magical mumbo-jumbo. They're simply an effective (and enjoyable!) way to focus your attention where you want it — on the Truth of abundance rather than "mere appearances," as Mr. Wattles puts it.

Print these, cut them out and place on the dashboard of your car where you can see the reflection in the windshield glass (will not interfere with your field of vision). If you prefer to make your own, read on for tips.

Click here for the images

To download and print:
  • PC Users: Right-click on the image(s) you wish to use, and "Save target [or link] as ... "

  • Mac Users: Click-and-hold.

To keep them from curling in the sun:

Print on the heaviest card stock your printer will accept or stick them to a cardboard or foam core backing with double-faced tape, rubber cement, or other adhesive. Laminating may also be helpful. Attaching Velcro tabs to the back and to the dashboard will keep them in place (but is not necessary).

To create your own:

1. Use any paint or draw program you like (one may have come with your computer).  Download free fully functional 30-day trials of popular software by clicking on the links below:

2. Draw a box in black or dark gray. These are 600 x 200 pixels, which will fit nicely on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

3. Type in your affirmation in white.

4. Reverse the image so it appears backward to you. You may have a "mirror" or "horizontal flip" command.

5. Print. You may use the "draft" mode to save time and ink/toner. The reflection will come out fine. Please use your own ingenuity and creativity in creating your Reflections. (I am unable to provide any technical support beyond these instructions.) Enjoy!

EXPECT Success!
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