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Two exclusive special offers for Certain Way readers!

How to master the art of positive persuasion to get what you want, when you want it, and from whom you want it — including the difficult people you come across every day!

Let's face it, no one likes to be put down, pushed around, or taken advantage of. And it's also no good to have to intimidate or coerce others in order to get what you want.

Instead, wouldn't it be great to be like those few people who always seem to get their way, while being admired and respected? People seem to gravitate toward them, they want to please them. They'll bend over backwards to take care of their needs. These people just seem to have a talent for drawing out the best in others.

These people are leaders, they are successful, they are ... happy!

Now you, too, can master all the secrets of
Winning WITHOUT Intimidation!

You'll learn the simple, easy-to-use, powerfully effective ways to:

  • Get upgraded services without spending more money

  • Keep yourself from being taken advantage of in business transactions

  • Write a "complaint" letter that gets results

  • "Talk" your way out of a traffic ticket

  • Constantly receive excellent service

  • Ask for help and get it — from anyone

  • Stop arguments dead in their tracks and turn your "opponent" into your staunchest supporter

  • Save money again and again

  • Have people "bending over backwards" to make you happy

  • Never fear being "out-negotiated" again

  • Develop a support network for your business

  • Get the best seats at restaurants and social events

  • Avoid problems with others and win them over to your way of thinking

  • And the seven little words you never want to say! (They will eventually come back to haunt you.)

Now, especially for Certain Way readers ...

Since you've listened to the audio interview with Bob Burg, bestselling author of Endless Referrals and Winning WITHOUT Intimidation, you already know that he's a firm believer in GIVING.

And he practices what he preaches, too.

So when I asked him to come up with something very special for my readers, he left it up to me. I already had his Winning WITHOUT Intimidation CD set and the book, too, so I knew they'd be perfect for Certain Way readers.

But Bob had something even better. He has a new ebook version of the book that has almost twice as much great "how to" material as the original printed bestseller.

"Bob, can we give it away?"

So I said, "Bob, how about we GIVE your ebook to anyone who purchases your terrific CD set?" And he said simply, "That's a great idea!"

Here it is! Get your own six-CD set with everything outlined above and you can immediately download the "new and improved," almost twice-as-big book, too — all for just the regular CD set price of $65 + shipping!
Click here to get the CD set
and FREE ebook, too!

Or, you can go for the updated, "almost twice-as-big" ebook only for just $19.95 — no shipping charge, of course, and you'll have the ebook instantly! (It's an Acrobat PDF — just like The Science of Getting Rich ebook — so you can open it on any computer.)

Click here to download the ebook only!

Either way, it's a great deal and I'm just tickled to get to offer these exclusives to you! (Hey, I paid full price for my CDs and book — and no regrets, either!)   ;-)

EXPECT Success!
Rebecca Fine signature
Rebecca Fine

"When I say that you do not have to drive sharp bargains, I do not mean that you do not have to drive any bargains at all or that you are above the necessity for having any dealings with your fellow men. I mean that you will not need to deal with them unfairly. You do not have to get something for nothing, but can give to every person more than you take from him."
—Wallace D. Wattles

"Bob Burg ranks right up there with Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale. In Winning WITHOUT Intimidation, he shows you how to take any people challenge you face and have everybody come out a winner. Powerful, practical and easy to use."
—John Milton Fogg, author of The Greatest Networker in the World

"Bob Burg offers an enormous menu of persuasion techniques. And he serves them up with dozens of anecdotes that show exactly how they work ... loaded with some of the most practical advice on persuasion that I've ever seen."
—Jack Gillespie, Editor, Communication Briefings

"Winning WITHOUT Intimidation overflows with the secrets of true persuasion — which literally means, to give good advice in advance."
—Dottie Walters, author of Speak and Grow Rich

"The wisdom and humility of Bob Burg are reflected in his sharing the best and surest ways TO WIN!"
—Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, author of Life Is Tremendous


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