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By Rebecca Fine

This is more than a frequently requested article. It's an entire very special edition of The Certain Way, just as it was sent to tens of thousands of subscribers on 28 January 2003. It's a much longer than usual edition, but for very good reason!

As I write this, it's still the 28th of January and the response to this edition is already fantastic. So, here you go!  

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In this edition ...

   1. Welcome!
   2. Quotations
   3. This Edition's "Ethical Bribe" for Motivated Readers:
      The One Minute Millionaire by Mark V. Hansen & Robert Allen
   4. FEATURE: Meet The Millionaire Scientist Who Brings Powerful
      21st Century Technologies to Mr. Wattles' System!
   5. Certain Way Readers Say ...
   6. Wrap-Up: "Give More in Use Value ..."



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"Everything that people create is a projection of what's inside
   --Stuart Lichtman

"Your part is to intelligently formulate your desire for the
things which make for a larger life and to get these desires
arranged into a coherent whole, and then to impress this whole
desire upon the formless substance, which has the power and the
will to bring you what you want. The more steady and continuous
your faith and purpose, the more rapidly you will get rich
because you will make only POSITIVE impressions upon substance,
and you will not neutralize or offset them by negative
   --Wallace D. Wattles

"If mind is at the service of the heart, wonderful things
result. If the heart's at the service of mind, oh my gosh,
terrible things can result."
   --Stuart Lichtman



"Act now," Mr. Wattles writes in The Science of Getting Rich.
'there is never any time but now, and there never will be any
time but now. If you are ever to begin to make ready for the
reception of what you want, you must begin NOW."

Good advice! And to motivate serious readers of SOGR and The
Certain Way to go ahead and read this ezine as soon as you
receive it -- NOW -- rather than saving it for later, we've
got incentives in the form of prizes!

Each month, somewhere in this ezine there'll be something of
interest and value available to those who read and respond right
away. (And it will never, of course, conflict with anything in

   This month, I'm happy to give away two copies
   of the new book by Mark Victor Hansen and
   The Enlightened Way To Wealth.

I attended workshops with both these gentlemen in the past few
months, and they're right in line with the principles of SOGR.
And with this book they've created a new literary form. It's
both a novel and a "how-to" book combined, and it's got some
great stories showing the principles in action.

To register yourself for the drawing just send an email to ...

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QUESTION: Who is "Mr. Snooty?" The answer is in this edition!

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On Monday, February 3, 2003, two correct answers will be
selected at random from all the entries. That email
address above will stop accepting mail at midnight PST on
January 31, so -- once again -- as Mr. Wattles says, "Act now!"


CONGRATULATIONS to the recipient of last month's prize, the "How
To Develop A Millionaire Mind: The Secret Psychology of Wealth"
two-CD set:

   KEVIN TODD in Richmond, BC, Canada!

(Remember: If this issue's prize isn't something that appeals
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4. FEATURE ARTICLE: An Exclusive Certain Way Interview ...


Late in 2002 I was introduced to the life work of a delightful
man named Stuart Lichtman when I purchased and read an ebook
with a title every bit as intriguing and provocative as the one
Mr. Wattles penned, The Science of Getting Rich.

See if you agree. Stuart's book is called How To Get Lots of
Money for Anything -- Fast!

Honestly, my initial reaction to that title was that it was a
bit cheesy. But I'm eternally grateful that I didn't let that
stop me from reading more about the book and the amazing
discoveries and experiences of its author and the tens of
thousands of people he's helped to get clear on what they want
and then ... GET IT.

I read the sales pitch and decided to check this thing out for
myself, so I bought the ebook and read it straight through.

It was every bit as fascinating as the sales letter had promised.

   But what was more exciting and gratifying was
   that the simple, scientifically-based
   techniques it explains and walks you through
   mesh PERFECTLY with the principles and
   practice of The Science of Getting Rich.

In this science, of course, our LIVES are our laboratories, so I
jumped right into using the processes Stuart describes. And now
that I've proven to myself that not only do these processes
WORK, they work FAST, I'm tickled to share this helpful and
fascinating information with you.

(Specifically, after reading about results like the fellow whose
income was four times larger after one month or the woman who
started a new career and got a 
89,000 contract in 17 days, I
set a 30-day financial target for myself that felt like a real
stretch -- even a little scary. The results have been so
rewarding and the process so EASY and enjoyable that I'm now
setting exciting targets in other areas of my life. In fact, I'm
starting on a really big one today -- yahoo!)

Now, Stuart wouldn't be surprised at all by my results. As a
pioneer in artificial intelligence, he's spent more than 40
years studying the human mind, and has taught these "get what
you really want" techniques in seminars for 15 years to more
than 50,000 people, and here's what he says about the RESULTS:

   "What I found from the seminars was, 81%
   percent of the people who tried my techniques
   were able to achieve goals they initially
   considered 'seemingly impossible' -- in a
   month or less.

   "Those who didn't achieve these goals, when
   they [went back and] followed the instructions
   correctly, achieved their own 'seemingly
   impossible' goals on the second try -- at a
   success rate of almost 100%.

   "However, when I taught my method to
   entrepreneurs, the 'right away' success ratio
   was much higher -- close to 100%."

I confess: I'm one of the ones who had to go back and start over
CORRECTLY. But that's all it took. I'd somehow (probably in my
excitement to get started) left out a piece. Once I made the
correction, everything started to flow.

If you could use some hands-on help in definining and clarifying
your own "clear mental image" and in keeping your focus, faith,
and feeling there, I invite you now to take a look and have a
listen to see if Stuart's help might be just what you need.

A few weeks ago Stuart and I chatted about his work and his
ebook and how he and Wallace Wattles were -- nearly a hundred
years apart -- on the same track, translating the same
spiritual/universal principles into practical applications.

So now I'll just get out of the way and offer you here a few
highlights from our conversation. And if you'd like to listen in
to the whole hour (with a LOT more exciting stuff we don't have
room for here), just hop over to this page for the RealAudio
recording, more info, and a link to Stuart's web site and ebook:


Stuart first shared some of his personal background. Frankly,
the guy is brilliant and fascinating. For example, he's the only
person ever to have studied ALL areas of engineering at The
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Then he talked a
little about the 18 years he spent developing a reliable model
of how the human mind really works ...

STUART: No one had done that before. The system worked extremely
well. We could model and predict things economically -- market
behavior and so on -- at a frighteningly accurate level. And
when the politicians started coming around saying, "Hey, that'd
be neat for voter analysis," I said, "No way." I destroyed the
system. It was kind of "1984."

When you model people effectively enough you find a few things.
A, that there are basically 12 unconscious personality types
that are invariant around the world. It doesn't matter what
country you go into, you find those same personality types and
no others.

And, B, the difference between cultures is primarily the
percentage of each type ...

Normally people have a war going on inside of them. Remember the
old torture that the English and French used? They'd take
someone who'd transgressed and they'd tie a stallion to each of
the arms and each of the legs, and then they'd take a whip and
get these horses going in different directions.

Well, most people have an analagous thing going on inside them,
except it isn't horses. It's parts of the brain.

There are four primary parts of the brain, and most people have
heard of the left brain and the right brain. It's really the
left and right neo-cortex, and there's the mid-brain and the

The left brain is a verbal, logical system. It processes
information and communication that way. It's where languages,
it's where what we call consciousness lies. Consciousness is a
verbal construct.

The right brain deals with patterns, psychic, rhythm, memory,
part of the intuition ...

The midbrain deals with emotion. It's really critical. If the
mid-brain emotional center isn't working, you will never be able
to create a new memory. It supplies the energy for creating
memories and otherwise anchoring things in the brain.

The brainstem deals with physical stimulus and response. It's
the part that learns to drive a car so now you do that pretty
automatically, or to hit a tennis ball when you swing.

What makes life possible in this very complex world is that we
have a lot of processes working automatically. However, each of
these different parts of the brain has a different approach and
what might be called a different language.

So when you say or write down an objective like "I want to lose
weight," your left brain -- ordinary consciousness -- gets that.
However, that isn't expressed in rhythm, pattern, or any of
those aspects of the right brain, nor is it expressed in
physical stimulus response. So the other three parts of the
brain work on old habits, unchanged habits, while consciously
you're trying to CHANGE things.

Guess who wins? It's three to one!

So in the example of going on a diet and setting a new year's
resolution, what happens is you set a new year's resolution, you
get to the table, some luscious food comes around, you smell it,
and all of these unconscious factors in the other parts of the
brain go into action.

For example, there's a pattern. You sit down, food comes along,
and you take it and eat it. That's embedded in the right brain.
There's a pattern that comes along -- somebody hands you a
platter of meat or potatoes and you take it and put it on YOUR

There's an emotional thing, which is that food is, eating is a
very satisfying emotional experience, as most people know from
experience. And when you don't, you get a real strong emotional

So the old habits are to eat. Guess what happens? You sit down,
maybe by force of will at dinner tonight you eat only a piece of
celery, a glass of tomato juice, and a grapefruit while
everybody else is having steaks, potatoes, veggies, dessert, and
so forth.

About 11 o'clock you empty the refrigerator and pig out.

Truth of the matter is, unless you change ALL four parts of the
brain, get them all focused on the objective, you will, in fact
almost always ... you'll try and fail.

Trying is a conscious word. Failing is a result.

Make sense?

REBECCA: Makes sense to me. In fact, it makes most of the goal-
setting systems that we've been taught over the years seem
almost cruel -- teaching us to fail.

STUART: Yeah, in fact that's true. It starts earlier than that,
Rebecca. This is the cruel part of it.

Imagine you have a little child. Now, think for a minute of an
infant growing up. When a child is born, they can't see, they
can't hear, they can't stand up, they can't use their body, and
so on.

They teach themselves all of that. For example, standing up.
Just how magnificent an achievement that is will become quickly
evident as you think about what it is like learning to ride a
bike or ski. Ever done that?

REBECCA: Umm hmm.

STUART: OK. Remember how much effort it took to do that?

REBECCA: (Laughing)

STUART: Yeah, OK. Yet that is a tiny variation on the basic
skill of balancing upright. Learning to balance upright is a
magnificent achievement. Kids teach that to themselves. Learning
to differentiate the millions of random visual inputs that come
in through millions of visual nerves to this complex processing
system in the brain and associate them with things ...

   Listen to the audio for details!

Kid says "I want to do that," and a parent, teacher, or sibling
says, "You can't. You haven't learned how."

Guess what's listening? The unconscious. The most profound test
of the unconscious is your survival, and when you're an infant,
that is intimately associated with the approval and direction of
your parents. The parents become unconscious gods, the voices of
the gods, and that's where things start going wrong.

All of this terrible negative learning. Most of what we do that
is effective in life we figured out for ourself. How much do you
remember from college?

So these things manifest as habit patterns in the unconscious
like a voice that says, "You can't do this unless you get
permission from a superior figure." Or, "You can't do this until
you get big." Or, "That's going to confuse you." That becomes an

So people have many unconscious, self-defeating habit patterns
-- I call them blockers -- that work automatically ...

   Listen to the audio for details!

REBECCA: You're showing us how to combat the blockers that keeps
us from being able to do what we want to do. You're showing us
how to take things from the past where we have actually
succeeded and sort of transpose that into the situation so that
we can attach to success rather than to failure.

STUART: That's right... The unconscious is what I call
"plastic." It's very cooperative in changing if you know how to
do it.

And it doesn't differentiate the way we consciously do -- let me
give you an example. Think about anything that you feel you were
successful at, whether it's baking a cake, watering your plants,
0 million -- anything at all.

Now you notice what the feeling of success is? It has nothing to
do with the exterior, does it? ...

You know what I mean by the feeling of success? Let me give you
the opposite. I know lots of multimillionaires and
multibillionaires and they do things that have lots of zeros
after them and usually when they get them done and I say, "You
feel any success in that?" they say, "Nah, you know. I feel kind
of let down and tired."

You take a kid who just learned to ride a bicycle and you say,
"Do you feel succesful?" and they say, "WOW! Woo!" and they run
on because inside of them they have a feeling of being

Now this feeling of being successful is transferrable to
anything as an instruction to your unconscious: Do it again --
but in a different context.

That's one of the keys. There are three parts of the process ...

   Listen to the audio for more details!

First we create a vision that's harmoniously held by all parts
of the brain. Then we prioritize that vision to KEEP the focus.

Now that's analagous to an autopilot in an airplane. The pilot
sets the autopilot for a destination. That would be step one.
Step two, the pilot ENGAGES the autopilot -- turns it on so it
takes control of the plane. Now the autopilot will head
unerringly, with small variations, for that destination.

However, if the autopilot is set for an altitude of 10,000 feet
and you're flying from NY to Los Angeles, you've got a problem.

It's called the Rockies.

In a similar fashion, 'the Rockies' in people's unconscious are
these unconscious, self-defeating habit patterns. You run into
them and you stop.

So the third part of the process is not to defeat those habit
patterns but to resolve them in a way where the energy that
previously went into blocking you goes into supporting you.

And it is possible to change essentially ANY unconscious habit
pattern in less than an hour, permanently and relatively easily.

REBECCA: Less than an hour. Now, if I hadn't already read your
book and begun using these processes, that would just sound
outrageous to me.

STUART: Yeah, well, the good things are easy. The truth of the
matter is that when you address the unconscious appropriately,
you get total cooperation. And if you set it up the way we do
... it can look miraculous -- only because the way of
consciously trying to FORCE things is so ineffective, anything
in contrast to that will look miraculous ...

   Listen to the audio for details!

It is, in fact, not miraculous. It's the way we're SUPPOSED to
work, as far as I can tell.

I'm basically teaching people to go back to the marvelous
abilities they had as children, but apply them with the wisdom
of adults. It's kind of neat.

[Wallace Wattles] saw the same three steps, I think.

He said you had to have a living vision. Well, that's what we're
talking about when we're talking about creating a shared vision
within the conscious and unconscious mind.

He said you have to pursue it with purpose. That is a conscious
will term for prioritizing.

And he said you have to have faith, and anything that comes up
that disturbs that faith, you have to displace that and go back
to the faith.

Well, in my terminology he was talking about what I approach by
teaching people to resolve the unconscious habit patterns that
block them ...

I tell my readers and people -- the 50,000-plus that I've
trained in seminars -- that whenever you're experiencing
anything other than joy, love, harmony, fulfillment, you are
encountering a blocker. And the blocker is manifest by whatever
is not there or AS whatever is not included in that mix -- that
joy, loving, harmony, and fulfillment are our natural condition.

   Listen to the audio for more details!

Here we're taking energy that has been working against you --
it's kind of like martial arts in that sense. You use the
opponent's energy to defeat them in martial arts. In this case,
you're using the energy of the self-defeating habit patterns to
turn them into success patterns.

REBECCA: Going through these processes helps clarify the vision,
to get a really big juicy one. [That seems to be the] biggest
problem most new readers of SOGR have. Then going through and
dealing with the blockers, it's almost like the faith begins to
grow naturally rather than by force of will. Just one of the
fruits of the process.

STUART: Absolutely. There are three tests that I tell people to
use to see whether they've got things in place and if they've
got them in place and continue to keep them in place, about 100%
of the time the intended results will occur.

Those three things are, when you focus on the vision of what you
want to accomplish, you feel joy, enthusiasm, happiness, etc.
That means that the vision is correct for you.

When you have it properly prioritized, there is the energy and
enthusiasm directed toward the accomplishment of that vision.
And when you have completely resolved all the unconscious habit
patterns that you need to resolve, you're absolutely certain
that the result will occur.

For example, I'm sitting here at my telephone and computer, and
I know that if I reach out -- with absolute certainty -- and I
press the "h" key, there will appear on the screen an "h." And
if that doesn't happen it's absolutely shocking. You know what I
mean? It's that level of certainty I'm talking about ...

   Listen to the audio for more details!

STUART: I was just looking at some notes I made from Wally's
stuff, and he talks about gratitude, and I put in parentheses
next to that, "loving."

And he put "creation versus competition." I put next to that

"Lift up by example." I put in parentheses, "loving."

See, one of the concepts that I believe is correct is there are
two lines coming down from Spirit. One is loving and one is
mind, Universal Mind, and so on. If mind is at service of the
heart, wonderful things result. If the heart's at the service of
mind, oh my gosh, terrible things can result.

And I think what Wally and I are aiming at here is that we're
talking about mind being at service of the heart. He also says
-- I wrote this down, page 59 -- don't act in forgetfulness of
right motive. ["More life to all and less to none."]

And basically we're very much in tune and I think that anybody
who harmonizes with what Wally says will find that CT -- what I
call "Cybernetic Transposition" -- the CT techniques are really
good tools for putting that into practice.


I sure think so, my friend, and I'll just bet you'll agree!

Enjoy the recording of the whole one-hour conversation and get
more info on Stuart and his work here:



"Just wanted to let you know that I received my tapes and they
are GREAT! I was very impressed with your quick delivery and the
professional tape case.

"Also, regarding one of your statements on the first tape about
you not being a professional speaker -- I agree. You are better!

"I am understanding the concepts more by hearing you than just by
reading the book. When did you ever take a breath? Thank you!"

   --Herman Smith
     Ringgold, GA, USA

My pleasure, Herman! (And about that breathing part -- it WAS a
little tricky at first, actually.) ;-D

Now, my friend, get your own two-hour Science of Getting Rich
AUDIOBOOK -- cassettes or CDs -- at:



DUNNEA writes:

I've been really observant lately of the stereotypes portrayed
in children's shows and cartoons, especially of financially
wealthy people.

Our family watches two channels a great deal, Disney and
Nickelodeon. One show in particular, which is on Disney, is
aimed at preschoolers and for any of you on this board who have
little ones watching it -- please turn it off! You will allow
your little ones' minds to be impressed with many of the very
same thoughts about money and wealth we are seeking to remove
within ourselves so that we may be free to be rich.

The show is "PB&J Otter," and there is a family of poodles in it
named the Snooties who are rich. Without writing at length, this
show portrays rich as bad and poor (they portray it as 'simple")
as the ideal in some way in almost every episode.

I had one positive cosmic revelation, though, while watching
"PB&J Otter." Mr. Snooty said, "Have a rich day!" several times
to other characters. I know the scriptwriters wanted to
emphasize the Snooty family's "obsessive" pre-occupation with
wealth, but they let a cosmic truth shine through: If you want
to have something for yourself (wealth, in this instance) you
can get it quickly by giving it, as Mr.Snooty is doing each time
he blesses someone with "Have a rich day ..."

[There's more. Go read it for yourself in the SOGR NETwork
Discussion Forum!]


So what say YOU, Gentle Reader? Someone somewhere needs to hear
exactly what YOU have to say -- whether you have an answer, a
question of your own, or a "Progress Report."

Complete the cycle of giving and receiving by sharing your own
experiences, ideas, questions, etc. on the Science of Getting
Rich Network Public Discussion Board at:

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and more is now online!



The Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM -- the only
online course where you set your own tuition -- is a great way to
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"I have had some good results since starting the course.  I am
involved in an MLM company called Neways International. Up until
doing the course I was struggling to get new prospects. Now I
have them coming at me from all angles. I am even having people
call me! This is fantastic!

"My wife Sarah (who is also doing the course) had a job offer
from out of nowhere. We bumped into an old aquaintance in the
most unusual spot, and in jest I asked him if he had a job for
Sarah ... and he said YES!!

"I love it ... This stuff works. Things can and will get a LOT

'thanks for all your help and support. And thanks, Wally."

   --Michael Harrington
     Happy Valley, SA, Australia


Thank you, Michael. That's great news!

Is The Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM online
course right for you, too, my friend? Come take a look and judge
for yourself ...



Before Stuart Lichtman and I got together to talk about the fit
between SOGR and his work, he read the copy of The Science of
Getting Rich I gave him as a thank-you for his work. And he was
captivated by it:

   "I gobbled it up in one sitting, and
   basically I said, 'Aha! We have the same
   author here. And we're the actors who're
   doing the translation."

I couldn't agree more. And that's why I'm endorsing and
recommending his ebook as a perfect companion, clarifier, and
complement to SOGR.

I believe Mr. Wattles was right when he said, back in 1910, that
no other book was necessary because no other book was so clear
and concise. But science has come a long way in the past 90+
years and Stuart Lichtman has made some wonderful breakthroughs
in understanding how our unconscious minds work AND how to get
them working in the directions we want to go -- discoveries that
make applying the principles of SOGR much easier and faster than
Wally could have dreamed back then.

And by the way, Stuart DEFINITELY practices the concept of
always giving more in use value than you take in cash value.
I'll spill the beans here and let you know that if you decide to
purchase his book, you'll be receiving nearly a DOZEN really
helpful bonuses, most of which aren't even mentioned on his web
page. Each one shows you how to use the techniques for purposes
other than the financial -- like finding your perfect partner,
achieving your perfect weight, and so on.

I reminded him of the "more use value" principle and thanked him
for embodying that so well, and he said:

   "Oh, yeah. I just really smiled when I read
   that. I don't feel like I'm giving so much. I
   feel like I'm just passing it along. It was
   given to me.

   "One of the tactics I have, quite frankly, in
   giving so many bonuses (and I have them once a
   week), is to keep  people involved until they
   achieve significant results. People need
   encouragement, and that's my form of

   "I feel good about it. If you don't feel good
   about what you're doing, why are you doing it,

So I ENCOURAGE you to listen to our whole conversation and to
visit Stuart's web site where you'll find more details on how
and why his methods work, some VERY exciting success stories,
and a link to get the book for yourself.

   (And if you're taking the Practical GeniusesTM
   course, I know you're going to LOVE how Stuart's
   methods dovetail so beautifully with those
   sessions on uncovering your true desires,
   getting clear on them, and more.)

Mr. Wattles tells us that once we embark upon the certain way,
opportunities, people, and whatever needs to come together for
us will begin to happen in ordinary or extraordinary ways.

"If you live in Maine," he writes, "it may be that a person will
be brought from Texas or Japan to engage in some transaction
which will result in your getting what you want. If so, the
whole matter will be as much to that person's advantage as it is
to yours."

I've seen the truth of that again and again, and now Stuart
Lichtman arrives to show me -- and now you -- how to apply the
SOGR principles even more powerfully to get quicker results.

Gotta love it!

Next month, let's talk about YOUR unique life purpose, OK? When
you know for sure why you're here and what your mission is,
everything in your life looks different (because it IS).

'Til then, many blessings, my friend. And, of course --

EXPECT Success!
Rebecca Fine

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And who knows? I might just throw in some MORE gifts to make sure
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